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Pratham Education Foundation owns all copyrights to the content on this portal and holds a CC BY NC-ND License. The content provided on this portal is offered exclusively on the basis of the Terms and Conditions of Use here described. By using or downloading the content, the recipient accepts these Terms and Conditions of Use.

1. This content shall be used for non-commercial purposes on a non-exclusive basis.

2. By accessing this content, there is no transfer of ownership of any content or technology whatsoever to any party.

3. Any external party accessing the content undertakes the responsibility that it shall not edit, remix, tweak, and/or build upon, or share with any third party Pratham’s content in any manner whatsoever, or unless otherwise stated in writing.

4. For distributional purposes, external parties shall give appropriate credit and acknowledge Pratham while displaying such content on its website/platform/mobile application/TV/webcasts or any other channel of communication Therefore, external party shall display in all circumstances “This Content is the copyright of Pratham Education Foundation”.

5. The trademarks, service marks, logos, commercial markings and trade names identifying or used in connection with Pratham, whether or not registered are the sole property of Pratham. External parties shall not erase, obscure or write upon Pratham’s logo or any other logo displayed on the content.

6. External parties shall hold Pratham harmless against any claims of whatsoever nature arising from or in connection with any activities carried out by them, including any unlawful morphing or hacking by any third party using (relevant govt. entity to be mentioned) website/platform/mobile application//TV/webcasts or any other channel of communication.

7. External parties shall not distribute, display or use in any manner whatsoever, the material prepared, produced or used and any other intellectual property of Pratham without the prior written approval of Pratham. Pratham shall be the owner of the content, material, resources and documents created or developed or designed.

External parties, by accessing this content, understand and agree to above-mentioned terms and conditions, and handle the content provided by Pratham in a responsible manner.

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